Brompton S6L Ti Flame Lacquer / Black (Black Edition) Superlight

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Brompton folding bikes are made in London and renowned for folding within 20 seconds into a shape roughly 24" x 24" x 12", all while providing a ride that is as comfortable as you'd expect from a normal (non-folding) bike.

The number of potential advantages this packable bike can grant is staggering. If you're concerned about bike theft and also live in a small apartment, it's a bike you can easily bring and store inside with you (and carry up the stairs if need be!). If you have a lengthy commute which is a tangled mess of transfers from bus to train to bus, riding the Brompton can cut down on complexity, allowing you to ride part of the way and stow the folded bike easily on a train or bus. If you travel around the country or world regularly but miss having your bike to explore new places, it's the ideal bike to transport as a checked piece of luggage. If you live in a place where weather changes and you dislike riding in inclement weather, the Brompton lets you ride when it's nice and easily take the bike home with you in a carpool with a friend or coworker, a taxi, a bus, or a train. The list goes on, but you get the idea. The Brompton is nearly infinitely versatile.

One way in which Brompton ensures a bike with wheels so small is still able to keep up with a typical city bicycle is through the large front chainring. This changes the gearing so that one needn't have to pedal so fast. A unique advantage of the small wheels is quicker acceleration from a stop--which in city stop-and-go traffic comes in handy.

This model is a special Black Edition, which comes with black components in place of the standard silver. It's also a special Flame Lacquer frame color with a black titanium rear triangle and front fork that is a high gloss finish.

It has 6 speeds, achieved via a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub and a proprietary Brompton 2-speed derailleur.

Brompton has 3 handlebar options: the S-type (a straight bar), the M-type (a medium-rise bar), and the H-type (the bar with the highest amount of rise--recommended for taller riders). This model has the S-type straight handlebar.

Two flat-bar style brake levers control a pair of road style caliper rim brakes. The right brake lever has an attached bell.

As with most of the bikes we sell, this model comes with fenders. Its tires are a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Racers, a light and grippy, puncture-resistant tire.

The saddle included is Brompton's black saddle.

This bike includes the luggage block, which, attached to the front of the frame, allows you to mount any of Brompton's front-mounting bags.

Price: $1,320
Handlebars: S Type - Sporty (36.8") - $0
Gears: 6 Speed standard gearing - $180
Fenders: Version L - fenders, no rack - $90
Frame: Steel Main Frame / Titanium Extremities - $900
Color: Flame Lacquer Main Frame and handlebar stem / Black Edition Extremities and Parts - $330
Saddle: Brompton Saddle - $0
Saddle Height: Standard (Inside leg up to 33") - $0
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Racer standard - $0
Lighting: Reflectors - $0
Luggage: Front Carrier Block - $0
Total Price: $2,820
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