Brompton Shift cable and housing for internal gear hub underbar shifters M Type

Article number: QGSCAB3HUB-M
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In order to get the correct length when replacing a Brompton shift cable, it’s important to consider: (1) the year a Brompton was made (models before 2017 need a different cable than models made in 2017 and beyond that now use integrated brake levers with underbar shifters, unless a pre-2017 Brompton has been updated with the newer integrated, underbar shifters); (2) a Brompton’s handlebar type (S, M, H, or P); and (3) which shift cable is needed (the lefthand side [DR Gear] controls the derailleur on 2 or 6 speed Bromptons, and the righthand side (Hub Gear) controls the internal gear hub on 3 or 6 speed Bromptons.

This pre-cut shifting cable and housing is for Bromptons:

  1. Made in 2017 and beyond - outfitted with the newer integrated brake levers with underbar shifters
  2. With M-type handlebars
  3. Needing the righthand side (Hub Gear) shifting cable replaced
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