Chicagodam Flag Sticker

A mashup of two of the greatest city flags ever designed: Chicago and Amsterdam. With the colors of Chicago's flag used in the design of Amsterdam's flag.
Chicago X Amsterdam Flag Sticker

A mash-up design of Chicago city flag color on the outline of the Amsterdam city flag.
Show your support for bicycle commuting. For independent bike shops. And for good flag design.
Approximate dimensions: 3.5" X 2.5" (90mm X 65mm)
Vinyl with adhesive backing.


If you're not listening to the podcast "99% Invisible"... well you should be.

Vexillology is the scientific study of flags. A vexillophile is a fan of flags. That's where I tend to fall--a fan, not so much a scientist.

Chicagoans have a strong affinity for the city flag. If you give us a chance, half of all residents will try to tell you the design's symbolism. We'll get it about half correct.

Objectively, it's a very good design. Better than most municipalities and certainly nicer looking that the Illinois state flag. So we're justified in having a bit of hubris for Wallace Rice's design.

I was struck by the visual similarities of the Amsterdam and Chicago flags. Both being bold graphics with a horizontal layout of crosses/stars flanked by stripes. The symbolism is also similar between these banners. The bars representing waterways associated with each city and crosses/stars representing historic events or places. Specifically fire in both cases, although the origins of the Saint Andrews crosses on the Amsterdam flag is questionable.

As a "Dutch Bike Shop" in Chicago, it was inevitable that we'd combine these two flags somehow, at some point. Our design uses the shapes of the Amsterdam city flag redone in Chicago city flag colors. It's a nice look and a subtle nod to it's meaning. If you see this flag and totally "get it", consider yourself a proud vexillophile insider.

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