Ortlieb Bike-Shopper

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The Ortlieb Bike-Shopper is a fully waterproof rear pannier with an innovative zip-lock style closure mechanism. Using Ortlieb's time-tested QL2.1 attachment system, the Shopper is easy to attach and remove from a bike's rear rack. Its 20L capacity is perfect for carrying all your necessities to work with you, or making a trip to get groceries. The interior of the pannier is one large compartment with a single sleeve large enough to fit a small laptop (a 13" laptop fits vertically) and a zippered mesh pocket. The waterproof material has a modern, stylish honeycomb texture on the outside, where a pair of adjustable handles attach. Keep the handles short for carrying by hand, or adjust them to a longer size to fit over your shoulder. Perhaps the identifying feature of this bag is the zip-lock type closure. Differentiating it from the Back Roller and the other common Ortlieb designs with clasps in the front, the zip-lock makes the bag comparatively quick to open and close. Such a design is great for any application where you find yourself opening and closing the bag often, such as the farmers market or other shopping.

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