TwoTone Amsterdam X Vera Cycling Cap

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We’ve never had much success selling apparel at The Shop. Nor have we really attempted to stock much of it since one of the main tenets of Dutch biking is dressing for the destination not the journey.

For me, stocking these sweet caps is less about selling stuff and more about representing the brand of a friend of the shop. For a more in-depth write-up on my history with Jon Woodroof, the owner of TwoTone Amsterdam, check out our blog. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything in orange ;-)

These caps are not your typical stretchy spandex style; they have more of a light canvas cotton feel to them. They are made 100% in northern France. We have them in one size that I would call medium (my head measures to about 57cm, and they fit me just fine).

The hats are orange and white, and we also have an alternate color which is the same design but orange and white with pink and navy/purplish accents. We don't like having millions of SKU numbers in our system, so if you want one and not the other, just say so in the comment section when you checkout, and we'll make sure you get the color you want.

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