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The first Brompton folding bike was designed in 1975 by Andrew Ritchie. Ever since then, the company has grown and innovated, becoming internationally recognized for their well-engineered, durable, portable, versatile bikes. With a fold that can be completed in under 20 seconds and that collapses the bike to a rough size of 24" by 24" by 12" or a stack of maybe 4 pizza boxes, it's all the more phenomenal that the bike rides and feels as any bike should. It can be equipped with all the features that are integral to any city bike: fenders, racks to carry bags, dynamo lighting, and hassle-free shifting and braking. While it may not be Dutch in its country of origin, it is without a doubt a bike that capably handles all the duties of a typical Dutch bike, with the added benefit of folding down to a small size. For travelers, multi-modal commuters, or those living in cramped apartments, the Brompton is an ideal solution.

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