Workcycles Secret Service Step Over

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Workcycles began in 2003 when Henry Cutler, an American ex-pat living in Amsterdam, decided to put his skills in industrial design to use by designing and making the most practical, comfortable, durable, daily-use bikes in the world. Workcycles is now famed for many of its unique, problem-solving designs, but the company also sells bikes that are essentially modified and improved versions of classic Dutch bikes.

The Workcycles Secret Service Step Over is the "sportiest" model of bike that the Dutch company Workcycles makes. We're using the term "sportiest" liberally. The Secret Service is still a hefty Dutch bike, but it is specifically designed with a modern riding geometry thanks to its thinner tires (28" x 1.40"), tighter wheelbase, partially swept back handlebars, and steeper head tube angle. Yet like all Workcycles, the Secret Service is durable, comfortable, upright, and capable of riding daily on rough city streets throughout all four seasons. It makes an excellent bike for those with a moderate length commute and/or slightly hilly topography on their route.

The components on the bike are noticeably the same as nearly every other Workcycles bike we sell: a Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal gear hub, Shimano roller brakes, a Shimano dynamo hub which powers front and rear LED lights, a fork spring to steady the front wheel when parked on its double-leg kickstand, and a fully-enclosed chaincase. The sturdy rear rack and full-coverage fenders complete the ensemble of useful features, ensuring you can carry your goods in panniers or saddlebags.

Contributing to the Secret Services's timeless aesthetic are a Brooks B67 sprung leather saddle, wheel guards covering the rear wheel, and a glossy black, durable paint job. The Secret Service also has the unique feature of mounting points for an optional frame-mounted front rack.


Frame Size : 49 / 55 / 61 / 67cm
Country of Origin : The Netherlands
Gears: 8 Speed Shimano Nexus Internal Gear Hub
Chain Guard: Fully Enclosed Chaincase
Brakes: Shimano Nexus C6000 Roller Brakes
Lighting: Dynamo Powered (Front/Rear-LED)
Kickstand: Hebie 605 Rex NL E1 Double Leg
Fork Spring: Y
Front Rack: Optional (Frame Mounted Rack)
Rear Rack: Included
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon 28x1.40
Rims/Spokes: Double Wall Alloy / 36 Hole / 13 Gauge
Valve Type: Schrader
Saddle: Brooks B67 Genuine Leather Saddle
Wheel Lock: Included
Dimensions: N/A
Load Capacity: N/A
Child Capacity: N/A
Rain Canopy: N/A
Drive Unit: N/A
On-board Computer: N/A
Battery: N/A
Charger: N/A
eBike Class: N/A
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