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Workcycles was started in 2003 in Amsterdam by Henry Cutler, an American industrial designer, bike enthusiast, and admirer of Dutch cycling. Cutler sees bicycles as a positive force and a large reason Amsterdam feels so pleasant to live in. He therefore brought his design expertise to bear on bike design challenges that prevent people from getting the greatest use out of their bikes, such as: how to make a bike that can carry multiple kids, how to make that same bike adapt to fit the same kids as they grow older, how to get that same bike to have space for groceries and other cargo, how to make it as low-maintenance as possible and durable enough to put through the worst weather. The answer to those design challenges comes in Workcycles' fleet of amazing bikes. Workcycles has a strong focus on functionality, rather than trends or fancy graphics, which is a trait we also share. Therefore it should come as no surprise that they're a huge part of our business.

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