Brompton Borough Basket Bag L Dark Grey (includes frame and brace)

Article number: QBORBSK-L-DG
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A new model year 2020 luggage option from Brompton, the Borough Basket is a general, multi-purpose bag that's compatible with all handlebar types. It's made from durable, water resistant fabric (1000D Cordura with PU coating) and is approximately 16" wide, 12" high, and 8" deep with a 23 liter capacity. Easy to carry on the shoulder or in the hand, it's the ideal size and shape for quick trips to the grocery or farmer's market. Also, if you have a backpack or a favorite bag that doesn't attach to Brompton's front carrier block, you can haul it in this basket.

When the handles are slack, the basket fully opens, but when the handles are pulled, like when being carried or lifted, its unique folding brace closes the top of the bag together - securely holding the items inside. How far the basket opens up can also be adjusted with straps on each side of the bag.

There's a medium sized zipped pocket that hangs inside the basket and a daisy chain along the front of the basket to hang additional items. The front also has a small, reflective Brompton logo that increases visibility for evening rides.


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