Genuine Dutch Transport Sticker

3"x3.5" vinyl sticker which reads "Genuine Dutch Transport", our slogan at J.C. Lind Bike Co. Great for showing your pride in your favorite Chicago bike shop! Or second favorite or whatever. The key thing is, when you buy one you're helping to support us.


Way back when, we had a conversation here at The Shop about what a potential slogan could be. It had to reflect the mission of J.C. Lind Bike Co to sell the most reliable and capable city and cargo bicycles humankind has to offer. We hemmed on hawed about how every little thing could be interpreted, but through all that critique and evaluation we came up with "Genuine Dutch Transport," which we think is pretty good.

"Genuine" because our bikes aren't knockoffs, they're not cheap, nor cheaply made, they aren't trendy, they're the originals, the ones that withstood the test of time and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of bicyclers' rear ends, bumpy, crummy pavement, many summer rain storms, and many terrible winters. They are the real deal.

"Dutch" because if we're being honest most of these venerable bikes come from the Netherlands, and the ones that don't were likely inspired by the Dutch bike-dependent lifestyle and sought to emulate it.

Lastly, "Transport" because we sell bikes that are for transporting--a utilitarian word for a utilitarian cause (not to say it's not still fun). Our bikes aren't fitness-focused, nor are they speed-focused, once again, they're not trendy, they are simply a means of conveyance (the finest means of conveyance available to an able-bodied, bipedal creature if you ask us). Believing ourselves to have arrived at a great slogan, we've proudly written it on our sandwich board sign ever afterward.

You might be asking, "why a sandwich board sign?" We take marketing pretty seriously here. And you'd best believe it's not easy to sell a bike that's heavy, slow, and expensive! So we have our work cut our for us. Because of that we've employed every technique possible, from Instagram and social media marketing to our old-school sandwich board sign written in chalk that sits out on the sidewalk in front of The Shop--and now, for the first time, for you (since you can't take our sandwich board sign with you) you can buy a die-cut sticker of said sign (meta, I know). Hand lettered signs are fun. Dutch bikes are fun. Supporting local businesses is fun. :)

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