Schwalbe One 16x1.35 35-349 Tan Wall

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The Schwalbe One is a lightweight folding tire with a kevlar bead. It has a slick tread pattern for the lowest rolling resistance, but is made from a supple, grippy rubber compound for excellent traction. It's engineered with Schwalbe's Raceguard anti-puncture belt, too. Schwalbe originally came out with the Schwalbe One tire in the common race bike sizing, but partnered with Brompton to make a 16" tire (349mm ISO diameter, 35mm ISO width) specifically for Bromptons. You can't actually find this tire on Schwalbe's website or order it from them, you can only get it via Brompton and by extension Brompton retailers like us! So, if you want a retro or timeless look to your Brompton, or your current tires are just worn down, consider getting a pair.


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