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Schwalbe is a renowned German company that's been making tires since the early 70's. The name Schwalbe comes from the German word for "swallow," a name which hearkens back to a Korean brand that Ralf Bohle (Schwalbe's founder) imported to Germany beginning in 1973. When we say Schwalbe is renowned, we mean it, too. Talk to any grizzled, leathery-skinned world-bike-touring aficionado and they're likely to tell you they rode on Schwalbe Marathons. Furthermore, talk to any dedicated, daily city bike commuter and they're likely to tell you the same thing. We're pretty big fans of Schwalbe tires here, for their durability and puncture resistance. For city riding, traction in less-than-ideal conditions is important, too, as are strong sidewalls, as is visibility, all of which Schwalbe takes seriously by having a myriad of tire models with grippy tread, reinforced sidewalls, and reflective stripes around the circumference of the tire.

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