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The Bicycle Film Festival screening of "Together We Cycle"

The Bicycle Film Festival screening of "Together We Cycle"

A virtual screening of the film Together We Cycle will be followed by a panel discussion between all-star bicycle enthusiasts, advocates, and experts tonight, Thursday May 20, 2021. The movie will then be available to stream until May 31.

As part of the Bicycle Film Festival, the movie Together We Cycle will be screened at a free virtual event tonight (5/20/21) sponsored by Gazelle (sign-up link here); a panel discussion will follow the movie.

In 2017, Dutch filmmakers Gertjan Hulster and Arne Gielen launched their documentary Why We Cycle, a portrait of the people who populate the country's streets with bicycles. In their own words, Dutch cyclists of all walks of life explain the reason behind their riding. This year, co-directors Gertjan Hulster and Arne Gielen made Together We Cycle--a follow-up to their earlier documentary--which promises to dig into the history of why and how the Netherlands fought the push to develop car-centric infrastructure.

If you're familiar with Why We Cycle then you know Hulster and Gielen's work is thoroughly researched and polished. We're certainly looking forward to this bit of history! Whether you're a geek for history, city planning, green infrastructure and policy, bicycle advocacy, social movements and organizing, or you just like bikes, there will no doubt be something for you at tonight's screening and the accompanying panel. The following is a list of the panelists for tonight:

Noa Banayan - Federal Affairs Manager, People For Bikes
Chris Bruntlett - Dutch Cycling Embassy
Gary Fujioka, Sr. - Cascade Cycling Club member
Gertjan Hulster - Together We Cycle Director
Jimmy Panetta - US Congressman 

If you can't attend the event tonight but are interested in seeing the movie, it will be available to stream until May 31, 2021. (Follow the link as if you were registering for the event. You will get a ticket you can use to view the movie at your leisure ).



  1. Jon Lind Jon Lind

    Hi Chris, I heard back from Gazelle and they confirmed that unfortunately they sold out of all the open "licenses" to view this film which is why it is no longer possible to get access to view it. They did say based on the popularity that it's likely they will do this again in the fall. I would also recommend following Together We Cycle on social channels to see about future screenings and viewing availability. Sorry, wish I had a better reply and hope you are able to enjoy this film before too long. Thanks, Jon

  2. Jon Lind Jon Lind

    Hi Chris, as far as I know that is the case. Looking at it more closely now it does seem that the access to view through the 31st is only for people who signed up for tickets in advance. I'm going to reach out to Gazelle to confirm this and I'll reply once I hear more. Thanks, Jon

  3. Chris Burkart Chris Burkart

    I saw on fb that you could view the doc for free through 5/31. Is that not the case?
    Thank you,

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