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The Brompton P Line is here!

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  • By Ben Phillips
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The Brompton P Line is here!

The long awaited Brompton P Line has finally arrived here at J.C Lind Bike Co!

The P Line is the next evolution of Brompton's Superlight bikes, and while the P Line shares some features of past Superlight bikes, such as a steel main frame and handlebar stem with titanium front fork and rear triangle, there are plenty of new features on this bike that separate it from past iterations of the Superlight.


For starters, The P Line will feature a compact 4 speed gear set with a lightweight derailleur (only 60 grams!). This is a brand new set-up from Brompton, and doing away with the internally geared hub commonly found on their core bikes is sure to save some significant weight and add to the performance aspect of the P Line, in that you don't have to pause pedaling to shift gears. The 4 speed derailleur on the Brompton P Line is more user friendly compared to the traditional 6 speed Brompton since there is only one shifter instead of the two shifter system on the 6 speed. Not only does the new derailleur cut weight but also the P Line's titanium front fork and rear triangle do as well, and the titanium is naturally shock absorbing. Further muting road shock is the P Line's new and more responsive suspension block that maximizes pedaling efficiency. Plus, when the P Line is folded, you can now roll and steer the bike by raising the seatpost, tipping the bike back on the rollers, and holding the saddle (rather than the traditional method of using the handlebars), and it rolls better on uneven terrain with its larger and lighter rolling wheels.


Some other key differences on the P Line from previous Brompton bikes are...


1. Roller wheels and fenders: The new roller wheels that come standard on the P Line are larger and better rolling than previous standard roller wheels, and the fenders are are more robust. These two advancements should lend themselves to the bike having a smoother rolling experience while in the folded position.


2. Tire choices: You have two new tire choices on the P Line, those being the Schwalbe One Black and the Continental Contact Urban. If you're doing performance/road style riding, then you'd likely want the Schwalbe One Black tires. If you're doing commuter riding, the tread pattern, reflective sidewall strip, and increased puncture protection of the Continental Contact Urban will likely make more sense for you.


3. New wheelset: The new wheelset on the P Line is all about saving weight. The front wheel has 20 spokes (as opposed to the usual 28); there's a new lightweight hub; and the rim profile is thinner than past Brompton's, which means you'll have to run different inner tubes (presta valve instead of schrader valve). The rear wheel has 28 spokes as you'd expect but also has a redesigned hub to accommodate the 4 speed cassette.


4. Paint colors: Brompton is introducing two new paint colors with the P Line, Midnight Black and Storm Grey. Both colors have a subtle shiny speckle to them which really pop in the right lighting.


5. The front carrier block does not come standard on the P Line but can be added if you so choose. This gives customers the choice to save those extra grams if they're going for a straight performance bike.


Do you have questions about the P Line? Please feel free to give us a call, text, or email. We're always happy to chat Brompton. If you're curious about stock levels, we do our best to keep our website accurate to inventory, so if you see a bike with a green check mark next to it on our website, that means it's here! Also, be sure to scroll down and check some images of our first P Line's!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading and see you out on the bike path!







The P Line in Midnight Black


The P Line in Storm Grey


The new 4-speed derailleur


The new roller wheels


A close up of the Midnight Black color.



A close up of the Storm Grey color.


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