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Welcome to J.C. Lind Bike Co. Video

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  • By Jon Lind
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Check out our new video. Hope you like it. Even with a billion plus videos on YouTube, I’m confident this one will go viral;-)



We hope this will give you a quick little introduction to The Shop.


Thankfully I was able to get a bunch of help in different areas from some great people.


The aerial photography is thanks to Jack Frisch (Peachtree Productions). Jack is a longtime friend and customer of The Shop. He brought in the equipment to shoot with but more importantly the piloting skills and an eye for video.


The video editing is thanks to Keith Couture. Keith is a good buddy of ours and a former employee. If you’ve seen anything artistic out of The Shop in the past 3 years, odds are it’s a Keith creation.


Aly Jados, a local rock legend from the band Blood People, provided the studio and the coaching skills to get a solid voice over performance out of me. She also happens to be my cousin.


It was a fun time putting it together. Being new to this, it sure seemed like a lot of work for something just over a minute long. We learned a lot and hope to leverage this to do more videos to keep you informed on what we are up to.


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