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Brompton Black Edition

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  • By Jon Lind
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There will be a limited number of the Brompton Black Editions making their way to US this summer. Of that limited quantity there will be an even smaller amount that we will get our hands on here at The Shop. I’m telling you this now because I think they're a pretty neat option for someone who digs this look. If you are in the odd confluence of circumstances of being ready to order a Brompton right now, are also patient enough to wait until July, and lastly you're into the Black Edition look, now is your time.



What is a Black Edition Brompton anyway? For a modest upcharge of $75 the Black Edition comes all murdered out with black handlebars, crank, fenders, seat post and rims instead of the stock silver. I think it gives it a little more of a modern or sportier look. I’m not actually a huge fan myself. I have a standard black Brompton with silver finishes and I think it looks slick. The one thing that might put me over the edge to choose one of these is that you can get it with an orange main frame. This is of particular interest because you otherwise can’t get orange anywhere on a standard Brompton. I’m a sucker for anything in orange.



Why should I order one now? We are only able to get 2 of these so there’s that. But more importantly, if you get your order placed in the next two weeks by Wednesday March 28th, you will be able to pick out all your options in advance which is super important when it comes to sorting out what Brompton configuration is right for you.


What are these options you speak of? You can get the Brompton Black Edition in S, M or H type bars. For main frame color you can choose between black, orange or Turkish green. You only get 2 choices for gearing (2 speed or 6 speed) which kind of sucks because I like the 3 speed option for Chicago. One final option is to get the black lacquer one (a darker, more tinted clear coat finish) for the not so modest upcharge of $325.



I love this look with the raw metal and welds visible under the lacquer finish. Black lacquer is the one on the left. Photo credit –


If you are interested in securing a Black Edition Brompton text or call us at (312) 643-1670 or go old school and come in for a visit to J.C. Lind Bike Co. 1311 N. Wells Street – Chicago, IL 60610. Then all that’s left to do is wait patiently until your Brompton arrives in July.


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