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Gazelle Summer Sale!

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  • By Ben Phillips
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Gazelle Summer Sale!

Major savings available on prior model year Gazelle bikes, both electric and non-electric.

Save big this summer on select prior model year Gazelle bikes, both electric and non-electric! While all of these sale prices are fantastic, I'd pay special attention to the Arroyo C8 Elite since it has the same sale price as its normally lower-priced counterpart, the Arroyo C7 Elite. If there's a bike that you're interested in and don't see it in-stock on our website, there's a good chance we can order it for you from Gazelle. The sale starts on July 1st and runs until August 31st.


Please see the sale prices below!


Tour Populair - $1,499 --> $1,199


Medeo T9 - $2,799 --> $2,299


Arroyo C7 Elite - $3,399 --> $2,999



Arroyo C8 Elite - $3,699 --> $2,999



Ultimate C8 - $3,749 --> $3,199


Ultimate C380 - $3,999 --> $3,599

Ultimate C380+ and Ultimate C380+ Midstep - $4,499 --> $3,999





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